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Thursday, March 5, 2009 ' 8:37 PM
Monkey Beach
Hello everybody,pardon for seldom update my blog :( ok here..I've went to monkey beach for hiking today in the morning. firstly,darien came and picked me up around 7am something and we went to coffee shop that opposite at my secondary school and I saw my sejarah teacher LIM KOK HOE!but we didn't give any greets because we just walked through there and rush to buy snacks and waiting for CK,boon bill and TC! they went other coffee shop having their breakfast but not same place as us =.= Okay..we arrived national park around 9am something and we made registeration for our hiking.


this jelly fish is still alive yet at last still killed by those nasty guys.

what you trying to do in public?

who snapped me while I was eating bread?(candid) ARGH

the jelly fish killed by boon bill! and he still drawn =) emoticon there. how lame is him? =.=

Jelly fish. DEAD

my leg was bitten by mosquitos...because my blood is sweet?XD

let's go...where to go? surely is monkey beach la. haha

Titanic! BrokeBrake Titanic.XD

felt so embarrasst because I'm wearing school shoes as I can't found my sport shoes.


Sunday, February 8, 2009 ' 11:35 PM
I had found that i gained 2kg of weight in this week. :) so glad about that !! Hope that I still will gain more in soon to balance my height.lol. ''nuts'' I wondered why still I can weight gained even though I busy my works everyday didn't cares about meals nevertheless still can gained of weight. Guess what? should be Miracle appeared! nono..It's because I drink too much of water d? XD. ''just joke'' don't take it serious and regard me as a nuts. LOL! Till here.bye all. take care

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 ' 11:48 PM
taiping zoo
uncle's wife,son and daugther and my 3rd aunt.

bunch of deers.


the camel looks very itchy.lol

savana africa.

Oh my godness.what they trying to do? XD

weird me? who can spot me? hehe

photo size too large cause the picture blur.btw..where's me? childish.XD

cousins and bro.






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